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crusher operation


As a common type of quarry plant, crushers paly a great role in quarrying activities. How to make your crushers become profitable machines has become a great concern for many quarry contractors. Today, we focus on this topic. Only proper operation of crusher can keep your crushers maintain a good performance.

Q: I am a quarry owner from South Africa, I bought three Zenith crushers in my limestone quarry about half a year ago, can you tell me something about crusher operation?

A: thanks a lot for your support for Zenith, as you know, maintenance of quarry plant is a tough problem for operators, now, I show you ten principle rules when using crusher. Here are the principles:

  • 1. Operation should obey the rule of electromotor working principle.
  • 2. Check whether every part of lubrication situation is well, if not, please add proper grease.
  • 3. Check the fixed part situation.
  • 4. Check the belt conveyor and V-shape belt.
  • 5. Check whether the jointer of belt conveyor is well when moving if necessary.
  • 6. Clean the cavity of crushers, make sure there is no sundry.
  • 7. Check the wearing area of crusher, such as breaking plate, if finding something wrong, change the liners.
  • 8. Check whether the supply voltage is normal and electric accessory is well.
  • 9. Check whether the security and safeguard equipment is complete.
  • 10. Start each motor one by one and keep idling as well as check whether the whole system is under normal running.

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