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Zenith’s Spiral Chute Concentrator


spiral chute concentratorAmong all machines used the mining, spiral chute concentrator can be considered as an economical machine used for the beneficiation of metal ores. The history of spiral chute concentrator could date back to 1977, when China invented this new-style equipment which is particularly adapted in the beneficiation for various minerals. In essence, the spiral chute has combined the advantages of spiral concentrator, spiral chute, table concentrator, and centrifugal ore separator. And that is why the spiral chute is widely used in open-pit mining. Zenith also has developed their spiral chute since several years ago. It has been proved by market that Zenith spiral chute is widely preferred by customers both at home and abroad.

Brief Introduction of Spiral Chute Concentrator

Spiral chute concentrator is a useful tool for the processing of metal ore, especially on strands, riversides, beaches and river-ways. It has some incomparable advantages, such as reasonable structure, easy installation, small space, convenient operation. It consists of feeding uniform splitter, feeding chute, spiral groove, interception groove, gathering bucket and groove bracket (include cross or tripod) , up to six parts.


Zenith’ spiral chute concentrator is widely used to the separation for mineral particles, the size of which ranges from 0.3 to 0.02 mm. it can be suitable for dealing with different kinds of ores, such as iron ore, limonite, chromite, pyretic, rutile, monazite, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, colombite ore as well as other nonferrous metal, rare metal and nonmetal minerals of different proportions.

Working Principle

The technology adopted by spiral chute concentrator is the combination of bed separation, mobile-layer separation and centrifugal separation. Spiral chute applies to sorting size 0.3-0.02mm fine particles of coal, however, in many cases; this range can be expanded into 3-0.074mms. When the sorting coefficient ranges from 1.70 to 2.00, the EP number is 0.10-0.15. To research the coal wash-ability, operators need to expand test for fine granularity. The aim of test is to make an exact prediction on the separation efficiency of coal, which is just like the evaluation on the floatability. The granularity size for the test should be divided into five grades, which are 3-1.68mm, 1.68-1.00mm, 1.00-0.59mm, 0.59-0.15mm, and 0.15-0.074mm respectively. The ratio of these float-and-sink tests is 1.3~ 2.2, and the disparity ratio is o.10.


Compared with other models of spiral chute, Zenith spiral chute concentrator comes with advantages of high capacity, excellent efficiency, superior recovery, and reliable operation. Undoubtedly, spiral chute is ideal equipment for investing in mining industry.


Technical data and Model Z5LL-900 Z5LL-1200 Z5LL-1500
Outside diameter (mm) 900 1200 1500
Thread pitch  (mm) 540,405 720,540 540,720
Maximum installed Helical head 4-2 4-2 4-2
Feeding mine granularity 0.3-0.03 0.3-0.03 0.3-0.02
Feeding concentration 25-55 25-55 25-55
Capacity  (t/h) 2-3 4-6 8-6
External dimension  (L*W*H) 1060×1060×4000 1360×1360×5230 1560×1560×5230

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